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Roman Gabriel lll

The Roman Gabriel Show - with Host, President of the Sold Out Youth Foundation, and former Pro Football Player.  Roman Gabriel 3 goes up close and personal with high impact difference makers from the world of sports, entertainment, and business.

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Former Rams and Eagles Super Bowl Head Coach

Roman Sits With Coach Dick Vermeil

Dick Vermeil

Coach Vermeil Enters Pro Football Hall of Fame

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“RG III you are the GOAT when it comes to interviews! “

Vince Papale - NFL Philadelphia Eagles / “Invincible” the movie

“I've really enjoyed being on Roman’s Show … his faith, honesty, and integrity falls right in line with what I believe in …. just two quarterbacks talking, it’s a lot of fun.”

Jeff Garcia - Former NFL SF 49ers QB

"I’m really proud to have been on the Roman Gabriel Show, faith is a really big deal to me. Obviously sports is what we do, but it not who we are."

Aric Almirola - Stuart - Haas Racing # 10Smithfield's Mustang

“This show is a lot better than the quick 8 to 10 minute ones, just like a 4 hour show you get to open up a little more … I enjoyed it.”

Mike Golic - Notre Dame / NFL Eagles / Mike & Mike Radio Show

“Roman Gabriel is someone who does that thing in broadcasting that we all hope we can… you have grace and graciousness… it comes through with everything you are, you are competitive, but winning isn't always about the score, its about winning in life,its great to be on the show with you.”

Harris Faulkner - Fox News Anchor Outnumbered

“Roman is a terrific storyteller…wonderful sportsmen, and understands the power of faith family.”

Don Martin-  SVP Fox Sports Radio / Premiere / iHeart Radio Los Angeles

“Roman’s inside stories of NFL champions prove that striving for excellent character, making personal sacrifices and being “sold out”for your goals must accompany gifted abilities for long-term success …….   These life “snapshots” will help do the same for you!”

Norm Miller, Chairman Interstate Batteries

“ Keep doing your great work!”

Coach K -  Duke University Head Basketball Coach

“I really believe that’s where our team's greatest strength (togetherness) comes from, they know that, they have come to appreciate that, they have witnessed that, the power that comes from giving yourself to others. I believe that’s what this team is all about, you've captured that, you (Roman) need to follow me around, I really like your questions.”

Pete Carroll - Super Champion Head Coach- Seattle Seahawks

"You have to check out my man Roman Gabriel’s Show , He was a quarterback back in the day, and now a great broadcaster, I just did the show … I had a wonderful time. You will have a wonderful time listening to it !”

Chris Broussard - Fox Sports Radio Host

“ Jack Youngblood here, promoting Gabe… Hes the best... listen to him."

Jack Youngblood Rams Pro Football Hall of Famer

“AC Green, Mark Kelso, Wayman Tisdale...Give yourself some credit too Roman, your cutting edge… your first one I know of to
put faith first in the media, a lot of us really appreciate that, we really really do.”

Fred Hickman CNN SI ESPN Sports Broadcaster

“My dad had two core values, to treasure relationships, and to make a meaningful difference in the world in a positive way. We do it against the back drop of sports, which gives us more power because of the role modeling, thats ultimately what were here for…… thats what I admire about you (Roman) is your out there making a difference, and being a positive role model”

Leigh Steinberg / Steinberg Sports - The Movie “Jerry McGuire

"Roman Gabriel III brings a special perspective as the son of a prominent NFL quarterback and someone who has played the game and covered it for many years as a radio and TV broadcaster. Roman shows a side of NFL players seldom seen. He demonstrates that there is much more to the games greats than Xs and Os. Roman has as clearly succeeded in his mission to deliver a unique take (on the NFL) in a style all his own.”

Vic Carucci, Senior Columnist, 2006

“Roman's inside stories of NFL champions prove that striving for excellent character, making personal sacrifices and being “sold out”
for your goals must accompany gifted abilities for long-term success and personal stability. These men have used their successes as a
platform to help enhance the lives of their families, those on their teams and in their communities. These life “snapshots” will help do
the same for you!”

Norm Miller, Chairman Interstate Batteries (2005)

“It is gratifying in this day of shock journalism to hear about athletes and coaches who are striving each day to be good teammates, family men, and contributors to their communities. Their stories are engaging, inspirational and remind of the privilege I had of playing my NFL career under the tutelage of Coach Landry, who taught all his players to be better men.”

Roger Staubach Dallas Cowboy Hall of Fame Quarterback

"This is a great opportunity to experience what drives some of the NFL's greatest personalities of yesterday to now. Roman can relate to and properly share these stories of men who quietly leave a legacy that does not seek recognition or fame. The selfless attributes
...will cause many to understand why football is America's favorite sport.”

David Tyree, Giants Super Bowl Champion

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The Roman Gabriel Show

Tom Brady

Super Bowl Tribute

USC Quarterback

Paul McDonald on the RG Show

Legends & Leaders

Leigh Steinberg SB 56 Event

Super Bowl Celebration

Deb Carson



Rams Hall of Famer

Eric Dickerson on the RG Show

Rams Legend

Roman Sits Down With Fred Dryer

The Freddie and Fitzsimmons Show

Roman Talks NFL Season on ESPN RADIO


Super Bowl Promo

Fox Sports

Chris Broussard on the RG Show

6 X Olympic Champ

Amy Van Dyken on Roman Gabriel Show

The Invincible

Vince Papale on the RG3 Show

Hall of Fame Legends

Tony Gonzalez & Andre Reed

LPGA Golf Legend

Jan Stephenson

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Super Bowl LV Week

Behind The Scenes

Inside The Roman Gabriel Show

NFL Legacy

Kimberly Brown & Jeremy White

Patriots Super Bowl Champion

Matthew Slater

Super Bowl LV Special

Mike Golic / Harris Faulkner / Matthew Slater

Super Bowl LV

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Entertainment Tonight

Roman Talks with Kevin Frazier

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9 time Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman

Bruce Matthews

Pro Football Hall of Famer

Morten Andersen

American Ninja Warrior

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila

WBC Heavyweight Champ

Deontay Wilder

Former NBA Player & ESPN Analyst

Jalen Rose

Steelers Super Bowl Champion

Ike Taylor

Pittsburgh Steelers

Jerome Bettis on RG Show

DDP Yoga

Roman Talks Yoga With Diamond Dallas Page

SVP LA Iheart Media / Fox Sports Radio

Roman Sits Down With Don Martin


Roman Speaks with Lisa Leslie

2019 Masters Champion Tiger Woods

Roman talks Comeback With Tiger Woods

Nick Lowery and Matt Stover

Stover & Lowery Kick-Off on Roman Gabriel Show

Bennie and Brian Blades

The Miami Hurricanes Blades Bros

CBS Sports

RG Sits Down with the Legendary Lesley Visser


NFL Players Speak Out on Roman Gabriel Show

Dr. Oz

Sits Down With Roman Gabriel lll

Real Eats

Chef Aliya LeeKong with Former NFL Star Rashad Jennings

Former Rams QB

Jim Everett on Roman Gabriel Show


Roman Gabriel lll

Roman brings twenty eight years (28) of radio and television experience, telling the behind the scenes stories of high impact champions on and off the field.

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Super Bowl LiV Media Day Interview

Patrick Mahomes


Roman Gabriel lll

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